4kW Solar Solutions

  • 4kW Solar Panels with inverter and Battery storage
  • Starting from just £6,995
  • Guaranteed for 20 years
  • Average system payback in less than 10 years
Sunpower solar panel with Tesla battery

Our Range of Complete Solar Solutions

Sunpower solar panel with Tesla battery

Sunpower Panels, SolarEdge with Tesla Powerwall 2

Sunpower Solar Panels

  • High Performance - 36% more power per panel.
  • Ranked #1 in durability and performance.

SolarEdge Inverter

  • Superior Efficiency through Voltage optimisation.
  • 12 Year Warranty.

Tesla 13.5kWh Battery

  • Powerwall 2
  • Industry leading battery manufacturer.
  • Depth of discharge 100%.

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LG Solar Panels with Chem Battery and Solax Inverter

LG Panels, SolaX Hybrid with LG Chem Battery

LG Solar Panels

  • LG is a global electrical manufacturer.
  • Enhanced Performance Warranty.

Solax Hybrid Inverter

  • Built in charge controller.
  • EPS Emergency Power Supply.

LG Chem Battery

  • Can discharge 5000w.
  • Expandable up to 12.8kWh.

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Q-Peak Duo 325w with Sonnen Hybrid Battery

Q-Peak Duo Solar Panels, Sonnen Hybrid inverter & Battery

Q-PEak Duao Solar Panels

  • 325w Output
  • New panel technology.
  • High yield per surface area.

Sonnen Hybrid Inverter & Battery

  • Hybrid inverter and battery in one
  • Sonnen reliability.
  • Battery sizes from 2.5 - 15kwh.

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Be more self sufficient with a Solar Battery

Solar batteries are designed to allow you to use solar energy when there would normally be none available. This includes in the hours of darkness overnight and the very early hours of the morning. This gives you a greater opportunity to make the most of the renewable energy you have generated from your solar panels.

We carry the top brand names in the field and cover a range of capacities that will suit every household demand. From the small but modular Enphase battery to the large capacity Tesla battery.

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Solar Batteries

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Choose from our great range of finance options. From 3 to 10 years, spread the cost of installing Solar PV.

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