Enphase AC Solar Battery

Integrated energy storage system

  • 10 Year Warranty
  • Expandable to Larger Capacities
  • Compact Size
Range of Solar Batteries

Revolutionising Solar Energy Storage

We now install the Enphase AC Battery, a modular, plug-and-play solution that's fully integrated into the Enphase Home Energy Solution. With it, we're bringing the same distributed architecture to storage that we brought to solar. Finally, a solar energy solution that's better for everyone.

Lower up-front costs

  • Low storage system cost,installation cost and modularity allows you to design the right system for you

Higher performance

  • 96% round-trip efficiency for the battery
  • 2 cycles per day delivers twice the value for a faster payback period
  • Most usable capacity with greater than 95% depth of discharge
Enphase Envoy S

Envoy S

The Envoy S uses its intelligence to make life simpler for Enphase system owners, with system monitoring and energy usage insights. The Envoy connects each component to create a smart, simple, and powerful solution.

Greater reliability

  • Lithium iron phosphate
  • Chemistry from Eliiy Power for long cycle life
  • 10 year warranty
  • No single point of failure
Enphase AC Battery

Enphase Battery Details

10 year Warranty

1.2kWh Storage (Expandable)

Data sheet

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The Enphase System

About Enphase

Enphase are on a mission to bring solar energy to the next level, one where it’s ready to meet the energy demands of an entire globe. As they work towards a vision for a solar-powered planet, they never lose sight of the three commitments that have guided them from the beginning: innovation, quality and responsibility.

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