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  • Become a Green Energy Power Station
  • Linking thousands of systems together creates a virtual power plant
  • Grid Trading provides up to 70% energy bill savings

Social Energy, Green Energy

Social Energy has been developed over 5 years by a board of entrepreneurs, who are already responsible for over £1 Billion of global trade.

Social Energy is revolutionising the $9.1 Trillion Energy industry, by empowering homes and businesses across the world to take back control of their energy supply.

Through its groundbreaking AI powered platform and energy storage, customers reduce their electricity bills by up to 70% and gain access to 100% renewable energy.

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Don’t give all your money to the big 6 energy companies. Social Energy's network isn’t made up of big, polluting power stations. Instead, it’s made up of people, their solar and their energy storage batteries - all wirelessly linked, creating a virtual power station.

Social Energy is the first Grid Trading solution to be fully compliant with National Grid’s dynamic frequency response service.

The chosen technology partners have a proven record of high quality products, built to last.

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Social Energy gives you instant access to see your trades, track your savings and view your bill instantly.

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